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Top Reasons to Have Solar Energy For Your Business

3 November 2022
3 min read
Top Reasons to Have Solar Energy For Your Business

In 2022, corporations across the globe recognise and reap the benefits of clean energy, but the common misconception that solar power is too expensive has small enterprises steering clear of the sun’s true potential to transform their business. In truth, solar power is among the most sustainable, cost-effective, and consistent sources of clean energy. Here are 5 reasons to go solar.

1. Raise Commercial Value and Lower Your Operating Cost

Indeed, rising electricity bills are a burden on small business owners. You could reduce or eliminate electrical costs altogether using solar power! Investing in solar panels guarantees saving costs in the long run. It helps to decrease overheads, increase the commercial value of a property, and prevent small businesses from suffering due to seasonal spikes in electricity bills.

It’s essential for small businesses to future-proof in light of fluctuating bills and our unstable economic landscape. Our statistics suggest that small businesses can save up to RM60,000 per annum through the installation of SOLS Energy solar panels. You can check how much YOUR business is able to save using our calculator at

2. Give Your Business Goodwill as a Green Enterprise

In recent months, public awareness of renewable energy has seen a rapid incline as consumers support companies that strive to resolve the climate crisis and sideline those that neglect the environment. Your business needs to establish itself as a green enterprise to gain customer favour. It never hurts to reduce carbon emissions and become more eco-aware.

Moreover, solar power can reduce a business’s carbon footprint, helping to establish one’s business as a leader in sustainability in addition to countless other benefits. It leads to improved productivity for an enterprise, both from new technologies embraced alongside solar and from employees, as people are more committed to companies that embrace the future.

3. Low Maintenance and Long-Term Guarantees

It’s no secret that solar tech has come far, evolving since its inception. Upon installation, a solar panel array can operate for decades with minimal maintenance outside of the occasional cleaning. Most systems also come with a 25-year warranty, removing much of the risk from this investment. A properly built and well-installed solar array can insure a business for years, as it has few moving parts that could malfunction.

SOLS Energy ensures little to no maintenance and long-term warranties on our installations, making solar energy for small businesses affordable and accessible. In addition, SOLS Energy offers free online monitoring to make sure our systems are up and running at all times. Furthermore, our quality checks ensure the careful craftsmanship of our solar panels and the use of high-quality materials.

4. Guaranteed Tax Benefits

In Malaysia, there are multiple levels of subsidies for solar panels that manage to significantly lower the price that small businesses must incur to install a solar panel array. In fact, business owners have access to low-interest loans and are eligible for MIDA Tax Incentives, which can cover up to 44% of the overall system cost. Using the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), businesses can cut the cost recovery period for the panels to five years.

5. Get a Return on Investment

A solar array is an asset that you can keep and use to add value to your business. Although solar panels might not appreciate in value, they can remain relatively stable over extended periods of time. Most estimates indicate that solar panels can pay for themselves in as little as five years, with some panels paying themselves off in as little as four years once all subsidies and rebates are taken into account. Therefore, you are guaranteed a return on investment when making the choice to go green and adopt solar power as a renewable source of clean energy for your business.

It’s Golden Hour and there is no better time than now to embrace solar power and level up to brand-new heights. Don’t let the sun set on your small business – switch to solar today with SOLS Energy.

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