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Tips to Lower the Electrical Consumption of Your Air Conditioner

22 September 2022
3 min read
Tips to Lower the Electrical Consumption of Your Air Conditioner

It’s no secret that our climate is too hot and unforgiving at times. Hence, air conditioning is essential in most households across the nation. It can be so brutal that one has trouble sleeping at night. It’s natural for the heat to compel us to turn on the AC, but electrical bills pose a major issue. So, here are our Top 5 Tips to Lower the Electrical Consumption of Your AC Unit!

1. Don’t Set The Temperature Too Low

You don’t need to set the thermostat to 16°C. In fact, the proper use of an AC unit is guaranteed to keep us feeling cool alongside minimizing electrical costs. For our climate, it is recommended to set the temperature between 23°C to 25°C for optimal cooling and power usage. Moreover, leaving an AC unit set to 16°C for extended periods of time causes rooms to become too cold for comfort, at times even resulting in more discomfort.

If an air conditioner is being used throughout the night to facilitate restful sleep, aim for a temperature that feels comfortable all night long. Often, people set their Air Conds to 16°C and forget to set a timer or increase the temperature once the room has been cooled to the desired temperature. In general, it’s much easier for AC units to maintain 24°C overnight. Not to mention, it beats shivering under a pile of blankets all night long!

2. Clean the AC Filter and Get It Serviced

Your Air Cond filter needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. If left uncleaned, a clogged filter blocks the output channel of the AC unit, resulting in hot air and increased power consumption. Hence, it is recommended to clean the air filter once a month, or once a week for frequent AC users. Just remove the filter, wash off the dust and dirt, and put it back together.

However, though cleaning the filter ensures that vents are not obstructed, there are still interior parts of an AC unit that must be cleansed of dust and dirt for optimal cooling. You should have AC units serviced on an annual basis, and ensure that the evaporator and condenser coils are free of dust and debris.

3. Use the AC Alongside a Ceiling Fan

You could install a ceiling fan to improve air circulation and further boost the cooling capacities of AC units at home. It aids in rapid cooling, enabling the AC unit to maintain a stable temperature sooner. Moreover, ceiling fans require less electrical current to operate, thus lowering the overall consumption of power.

Furthermore, ceiling fans assist in convection. It prevents a room from feeling “stuffed” or the air from seeming “too thin”. It makes it easier to breathe, as the overall airflow in the room is better, leading to more comfortable rest and sleep. Besides, on cold nights, one can opt to not use the AC altogether as a ceiling fan offers a great deal of cooling.

4. Seal the Room and Close the Curtains

You’ll lose cool air to the outside if windows are left open, forcing the AC unit to exert more force to maintain a stable temperature in the room. Therefore, it’s best to seal rooms before turning on the air conditioner and avoid doors or windows being left open or ajar to minimize the loss of cool air and the convection of hot air.

If a window catches the sunlight, the room is bound to be hot. AC units must fight harder to counteract temperature spikes, most of all on hot afternoons. You could tint the windows, set up blinds, or hang up curtains to block the sunlight and heat from raising the room’s temperature.

5. Manage and Reduce Heat-Generating Activities

Yes, activities such as baking, cooking, or even taking hot showers can cause a drastic spike in room temperature. However, that does not mean one needs to give up these things to be as cool as a cucumber. Installing venting fans in bathrooms and kitchens aids in air circulation, expelling hot air from a room and reducing the burden of AC units to keep the space cool.

It also helps to avoid doing things that generate heat in rooms running an active AC unit. For instance, avoid using a steam iron in the bedroom as the heat produced forces the air conditioner to expend more refrigerant and electrical current to stabilize the room’s temperature. Also, don’t leave candles or incense burning.

Tips and Tricks aside, among the best solutions to cost-effective cooling has to be opting for a more sustainable power source. You could save thousands on electrical bills as a result of investing in solar power, all whilst making the healthier choice for our environment.

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