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SOLS Energy’s Home Solar Subscription Now Open to Everyone!

4 June 2024
2 min read
SOLS Energy’s Home Solar Subscription Now Open to Everyone!

Ready to cut down on high electricity bills and switch to clean energy? At SOLS Energy, we hear you loud and clear! We're thrilled to announce some exciting updates to our Home Solar Subscription program, making it easier than ever to switch to solar power. 

Here's how we are opening the doors for more Malaysians to switch to clean energy:

  • Open to All Ages! ‍‍‍ 
  • No more age restrictions! This means anyone can now enjoy the benefits of solar power, regardless of age. However, to ensure a long-term commitment for those aged 55 and above, we require a guarantor (a child or young family member over 18) who can handle subscription payments if needed. 
  • Shorter Commitment, Longer Savings
  • We understand concerns about long-term contracts. Here's the good news: while the overall subscription period remains 20 years, you'll only have an 8-year lock-in period. After 8 years, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription without any penalty!
  • Solar Power for Every Home
  • Previously, our program catered to higher energy bills. Now, we're opening our doors to homes with bills as low as RM350! This means even more Malaysians can experience solar energy's cost-saving and eco-friendly benefits.

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits! Subscribe now and receive:

  • FREE First Month Subscription! 🆓
  • Locked-in Tariff of RM0.46/kWh! (Guaranteed low energy rates)
  • RM4,000 Government Cashback! (Straight to your bank!)

Are you wondering if our Home Solar Subscription is the right fit for you? 

Get in touch with one of our sales engineers now! 

One of our friendly sales engineers will guide you through everything you need to know. Let's make the switch to clean energy together! ☀️

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