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Mythbusters: Debunking Solar Misconceptions in Malaysia

1 September 2023
3 min read
Mythbusters: Debunking Solar Misconceptions in Malaysia

We are living in a world where progress and improvement is constant and inevitable. Therefore, without a consistent update of our knowledge, our understanding of these advancements may falter.

An example of this can be seen with the emergence of solar energy and how it brings all sorts of benefits such as reducing our carbon footprint as well as our cost of electricity. However, when it comes to technology, there will always be conspiracies and myths regarding it that just aren’t true, and I am here to debunk the 4 most common solar myths for you!

1. Solar energy is inefficient

This is a common misconception in south east asian countries due to the ever-changing weather conditions and occasional cloudy overcast. However, this is false as solar panels are engineered to capture light photons, no matter how cloudy the sky seems to be. In other words, the performance of your PV system does not depend on how hot or rainy the day is. Moreover, recent advancements in solar energy technology has enabled it to withstand all kinds of weather conditions allowing it to be practical in our tropical environment.

2. Solar panels might catch on fire or attract lightning strikes

This is perhaps one of the more interesting myths out there as it is a common concern among consumers. However, referring to the first point made earlier, modern solar panels are engineered to quickly dissipate heat and made to be highly tolerant to heat. Researchers have performed multitudes of experiments and have been testing diligently to ensure that it is safe for consumers. Adding on, the chances of lightning striking a solar panel are extremely low as it is designed to have grounding and lightning protection in its system ensuring it to be super safe during stormy weathers.

3. Solar PV systems are expensive

The misconception of solar panels being too pricey often stems from the early days of their introduction. Yes, during that period, solar panels were indeed expensive, primarily due to the high manufacturing costs associated with the relatively novel technology and limited production scale. However, it's important to recognize that solar panel prices have dropped significantly as the solar industry has undergone remarkable advancements and transformative changes since then. Additionally, our government has implemented incentives such as Net Energy Meeting (NEM), which is essentially a financial reward for solar consumers that allows them to experience up to 90% in savings after installation.

4. Solar panels need frequent maintenance.

Often consumers are disheartened by this fact and tend to think that this will rack up the overall cost of installing a solar panel in their house. This myth can be true at times, there are some solar companies that only offer a warranty; however at SOLS Energy, we provide free maintenance such as panel cleaning, basic checking and analyzing diagnostics. Our team will also be constantly monitoring your solar panel to ensure it’s working at its optimum performance so you as a consumer won’t have to worry much.

As myths dissolve under the light of accurate information, we gain a clearer perspective on the remarkable potential of solar energy in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. By debunking these unique misconceptions, we empower ourselves to embrace clean and sustainable energy with confidence.

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