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Don’t BUY Solar - Get it for FREE - Just Subscribe!

26 February 2024
1 min read
Don’t BUY Solar - Get it for FREE - Just Subscribe!

Did you hear? Installing a Solar PV System no longer requires investing over RM40K or committing to a loan and incurring debt.

With Home Solar Subscription, you have the freedom to choose.

Here are the 5 ways that the subscription is the better way to solarize your home🏠:

  1. Zero upfront cost 😮
    We pay for your solar installation. Homeowners incur no upfront expenses as we will cover the entire installation cost.
  2. Pay for what you generate ⚡️
    Your subscription fee completely depends on the energy your PV system generates.
  3. Instant savings 💚
    Instead of waiting for a return on your investment, you can save on your electricity bills immediately! The program requires no credit card or loan financing, ensuring subscribers avoid incurring debt.
  4. 20-Year Solar PV Hardware Warranty 👍🏼
    For the next 20 years, you do not have to worry about servicing the solar on your roof. We will take care of your solar for you.
  5. Inflation-proof home🔒
    Subscribers benefit from instant payback periods, eliminating long waiting periods to recoup their investment. With a fixed tariff of RM0.46/kWh, The Home Solar Subscription program offers substantial savings compared to the national grid's tariff of RM0.57/kWh.

Would you like to know more about our Home Solar Subscription?

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