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2023 SOLS Energy Wrapped: What We’ve Done

7 March 2024
3 min read
2023 SOLS Energy Wrapped: What We’ve Done

In 2023, SOLS Energy made a promise to ourselves and to you to do everything we can to achieve our 3 impact goals, which are:

  1. Transition Malaysian homes to green energy
  2. Bring energy access to homes without electricity
  3. To create well-paying jobs for the B40 community in the energy sector

So, what have we done?

Energy Transition

By 2023, we were able to solar up 1667 Malaysian roofs, bringing the country 13 MW closer to their net-zero goal and 1667 energy bills cut by up to 90%.

With homeowners signing up for solar all over the country, our yellow trucks traveled the roads of 11 states, including Selangor, Putrajaya, Johor, Kedah, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, and Terengganu.

2023 was also a year filled with collaboration! Not only did we become an exclusive Malaysian distributor for Growatt - one of the biggest inverter brands in the industry but we also partnered with BSN Malaysia to provide homeowners additional financing options for their solar PV systems!

Energy Access

But with SOLS Energy, the impact extends beyond solar panel installations. Let’s take a look at the energy access we have been able to provide to off-grid Malaysian villages.

Through our green impact initiative we provide solar home solutions to off-grid rural homes that have no access to electricity. Our hardworking green impact team were able to reach 38 villages across 4 states which include Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak and Kelantan.

So far, we have been able to provide energy access to over 1105 homes with home solar systems for over 6000 Orang Aslis!

We were also able to make pioneering efforts through participation in 7 major events that allowed us to share the stories collected from this energy access journey. From Petronas FutureTalks in Kuala Lumpur to the COP28 forum in Dubai, our team spread awareness on the energy poverty that affected over 200,000 homes in Malaysia. Thus, promoting discussions in powerful rooms of what is to be done to continue to shed light onto these issues and into these homes., whilst we also promote sustainability and community empowerment.

Green Jobs

Lastly, we must talk about the amount of green jobs created within this organization.

Doing energy transitions requires an expert team of installers and right from the beginning we decide that this employment opportunity would only be taken up by the youths from the B40 & Orang Asli communities.

Empowered in the SOLS Solar Academy, these graduates were provided a scholarship inclusive of industry standard training on solar PV installations, and that too with a 100% job guarantee! Upskilling these talented youth provides them with stellar ways at upward mobility and in 2023 alone, green jobs to 52 Youths, and it has changed their life for the better!

With word successfully spreading on this initiative we also had the opportunity to sign an MOU with MGTC, who signed on to help us identify resources for financial support and recruit the best partners to help our green energy experts thrive in their initiatives.

And there you go! Those are all the ways that we have accomplished our 3 impact goals!

There is much more to do for sustainability, innovation and community empowerment and we cannot wait to make more impact!

We are so incredibly grateful to our green heroes, partners, and impeccable team for powering towards a green and united Malaysia.

In 2024, we look forward to bringing more green solutions for you.

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