The Evolution of Energy

It all started with fire!

Fire was the first source of energy we humans learned to control, over 1 million years ago. We taught ourselves how to use fire for cooking and forging metal into tools.

Knowledge about wind and water power was something we acquired thousands of years later when we started building flagships for sailing, windmills for grain and water wheels for irrigation.

What is Solar Energy and it's Benefits?

Imagine the earth had a power source that was virtually unlimited and could produce more energy in an hour than the entire world consumes in a year. That power source exists – it’s our sun. And the energy it creates is called solar energy.

5 of the Most Common Myths About Solar Energy

A lot of confusion surrounds solar energy because not many people have actually experienced it. You might have heard stories about how unreliable or expensive it is, stories that may have put you off even considering solar. Well, I’m here to bust 5 of the most common myths you will hear about solar energy.

What Are The Differences Between High-Grade & Low-Grade Solar Systems?

What are the differences between low and high-grade solar systems? With so many choices at different price ranges out there, it’s important to know exactly what you need to look out for. Here are 3 things to consider when you’re deciding on the right solar system for you.

How Can I Save Money with Solar Energy?

You might wonder – is there any money to be saved by going solar? The answer, simply put, is yes. Though the upfront amount may seem like a big number without any context, that one time amount you pay will be paid back several times, making you save money for decades to come. By now it should be clear that going solar saves you money, but exactly how much worth of savings will you actually be looking at?