1. What are the benefits of installing solar panels for my home/office/factory?

The benefits of going solar are:

  • By installing a solar energy system, you save on your electricity bills; up to 100% savings are possible. During the day, you power your premises using solar energy, which lowers your dependency on your utility company, and if you produce more than you consume, you can sell the excess energy back to your utility company via Net Metering (NEM) which may be used to offset part of electricity bill (http://seda.gov.my/ )
  • Installing solar panels increases your property value. Studies have shown that properties with solar panels are valued and sold at a price higher than other comparable properties in its general vicinity.
  • Solar energy is a form of clean, renewable energy like wind, which significantly helps lessen your carbon footprint on the environment. Unlike traditional electricity, it does not pollute the atmosphere with harmful greenhouse gas emissions, which are sourced from fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas & diesel. They emit harmful gases causing air pollution and global climate change.
  • Since solar energy is renewable energy, it requires little to no maintenance. Once you have installed them, there is no need for regular maintenance checks. It allows you to generate solar power for a lifetime without depending on your utility company and deal with the constantly rising electricity rates. Your future generation may also benefit from it.
  • Companies undertaking generation of renewable energy and energy efficiency activities are eligible for special tax incentives; Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) (http://www.seda.gov.my ) (http://www.mida.gov.my/home/tax-incentives-for-green-industry/posts/)
  • Home owners in Petaling Jaya can enjoy Assessment Tax Rebates for adapting to eco living and sustainable lifestyle (http://eps.mbpj.gov.my/web2016/RebatCukai2016English.pdf)

2. How much would it cost to install solar panels for my home/office/factory?

The cost would depend on the outcome of the site visit assessment conducted and available space on the roof.

3. What is Net Energy Metering (NEM)?

NEM is one of the options for you to generate electricity from your own solar PV system, and offset or reduce your electricity bills. This system is designed to provide you credit for any excess of solar energy you generate. It is then used to offset your next electricity bill.

4. I heard that we could earn money by installing solar panels; how is that?

How the earnings work are by savings, so the more solar energy used, the lesser is drawn from the TNB grid. On top of that, any excess energy that is generated from the solar PV system, is exported to the grid on a 1:1 basis starting from the highest tariff.

5. Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden charges. All our charges will be presented transparently on the proposal we make for you. Any possible charges for processing commercial tax incentives and if special requirements are needed for the installation it will be clearly stated and explained before you agree to the installation.

6. How much can I save by installing solar panels?

Savings vary based on your electricity consumption and installation size. You can save anywhere up to 100%.

7. How long is the warranty period?

Panels have a performance warranty of 25 years and a manufacturing warranty of 12 years. Our inverters have a range from 5 to 12 years warranty (option to extend is available) and 25 years on the DC cabling.

8. Does your warranty period cover damages caused by lightning and strong wind?

The warranties provided, only cover damages caused by a manufacturing defect or performance related defect. We do recommend opting for insurance coverage to protect your solar PV system against natural causes.

9. What is a Site Visit Assessment (SVA)?

A SVA, is conducted by our team by assessing the condition of the house and locating suitable pathways to access the roof. The site visit does not involve internal roof inspection as we are not roofing experts. We would also perform an aerial measurement of all roof spaces, and identify any shading issues caused by nearby trees or obstructions. This process is essential to ensure that we can propose a suitable solution that is specific and targeted at our clients’ energy needs.

10. What happens if I sell my home/office/factory?

The panels can be removed and reinstalled elsewhere, or you can sell them to the new owner. You will need to inform us of any changes in address and/or ownership. Upon changing address or ownership, a new contract must be signed.

11. After signing the proposal, how long would it take for me to start enjoying the benefits of solar panels and Net Energy Metering (NEM)?

Upon signing the proposal, it can take anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks, as we will need to obtain approval from TNB and SEDA. If you wish to have a pure self-consumption model, no approval is needed for up to 72KW. This can be completed within three to six weeks, depending on the installation size.

12. Do you have any financing options?

Yes we do have loan financing. Please refer to our sales team representatives for more information about our payment terms.

13. What are my payment options?

The available payment options include bank transfer to SOLS Energy account or via cheque, credit card IPP and loan financing.

14. Your Technical Team proposed a 4 kWp installation based on my electricity consumption; Can I install a 8 kWp so that i can sell more surplus energy and save more?

This is possible, but we would advise against it as it would increase the ROI (Return on Investment), also if your excess energy sold back to the power company covers all your outstanding amount. Do note that the validity of the surplus energy generated is only valid till the end of the calendar year.

15. Is there an expiry period over the unused surplus energy that has been generated?

Yes, the surplus energy generated is valid only till the end of the calendar year, after which it will be forfeited.

16. I'm interested in installing solar panels for my home. How can I apply?

Click here and fill in the application. Our Sales Engineer will contact you as soon as possible.

17. What happens if it rains and it's cloudy? Will my solar panel generate sufficient electricity?

Yes, it will, although the energy produced is less than on the days with full sunlight. However, the system works more efficiently in cooler conditions since solar PV panels rely on visible sunlight and not heat for energy production.

18. How long should I wait to recover my investment and see real profits?

The average Return On Investment (ROI) is between 5 to 6 years for residential and 4 to 5 years for commercial. After which, you will enjoy the profits.

19. Do you cover installation for the whole of Malaysia?

Yes we do cover installations all over Peninsular Malaysia.

20. Are Solar PV panels the same as Solar Water Heaters?

No, these panels are different; they are called Photovoltaic Panels (PV), which convert solar light (sunshine) to electricity, while a thermal solar panel typically absorbs the heat from the sun to heat up the water.

21. Why should we buy solar panels from your company and not from other retailers in the market?

Why are we better :

• We have a direct line with the manufacturers and our own EL Tester (Solar panel testing machine, the only Installer in Malaysia). This helps speed up the turnaround time in the event of a defect with the panels during the warranty period. The quick turnaround time is made possible since we can test and send the defective panels back to the manufacturers with precise information for immediate replacement.

• We are the only solar company that has our own solar academy. Every year we bring in 80 to 100 orang asli/asal youths to join the academy and we empower,provide training in english, IT and most importantly solar PV system installation skills. The curriculum includes how to install solar system, how to walk on the roof safely. Most other companies out there outsource their installations to sub-cons who’s expertise aren’t solar PV systems causing problems like leakage, improper wiring.

• We are the only solar service provider that is backed by PETRONAS. What this means is that our products and installation works have undergone multiple QA/QC analysis and approved by PETRONAS and assures your satisfaction.

22. Can you give me a quotation without coming over to do a power study?

Yes, we can. However, to ensure accurate system sizing we would need to conduct a site visit assessment.

23. What is the model of your panel and inverter?

We have a varierty of panels and inverters which are Tier 1 and approved by PETRONAS.

24. Can I choose to increase the size of my solar panel system after a few years of installation?

Yes, you can upgrade your solar panel system, but this will depend on the availability of your roof space and the size of your inverter. This is also subjected to the availabilty of the NEM quota.

25. The initial upfront cost of installation is too high. Can I wait for the prices to go lower within the next few years so it will be cheaper?

The prices for solar panels are not projected to go much lower in the years to come. Besides the cost of panels, direct material costs such as labour, Inverters, and electrical components may affect prices. Also, with the constant increase of electricity tariffs, you may lose out on potential savings.

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