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ChargeSingh is made up of award-winning GreenTech experts & activists with over 30 years of combined real-world experience.

We sell and install EV chargers for your Home, Business & Commercial Properties.

ChargeSingh Home Charging

EV Charging Solutions

Browse our online store and purchases EV chargers for your Home or Business.

ChargeSingh Home Charger

EV Charger for Home

Make charging your electric vehicle convenient and efficient, buy purchasing a home EV charger.

ChargeSingh Business Charger

EV Chargers for Business

Fleets, Workplaces, Destinations & Developments, we offer end-to-end, modular electric vehicle charging solutions.

ChargeSingh Product Partners

Our EV Chargers are compatible with most Electric Vehicles in the market.

ChargeSingh Product Partners
ChargeSingh Product Partners

EV Charger Installation Services

From design to deployment and management of your charging station, our team of experts will guide you through the entire process.

ChargeSingh installers are licensed, insured and backed by professional electrical engineers.

Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience install your EV Charger in a couple of hours.

Ready to for easy home charging? Contact us to enquire about installing your own EV Charger.

EV Charger Installation
EV Charger Installation
Solar Powered EV Charger

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Step up your green game with a home EV charger! You have the option to connect your EV Charger to your solar panel system, and charge your car with clean, renewable energy.

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