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Your TNB Bill Before vs. After Solar: What will your savings look like?

27 January 2023
2 min read
Your TNB Bill Before vs. After Solar: What will your savings look like?

Your TNB Bill Before Vs. After Solar: What will your savings look like?

Solar energy has become increasingly popular in the residential market. They light up your home with green energy and cut your TNB bill by up to 90% whilst reducing your carbon footprint; helping to create a sustainable and survivable planet.

However, the reason for its popularity can also be accredited to the fact that it increases the value of your property and makes you a champion for a greener for sustainable Malaysia..

This is achieved through Net Metering (NEM); a solar program established by the Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2018. The electricity generated from solar PV systems is consumed initially by the homeowner, and any leftover will be exported to the grid. This excess energy is then sold to the Distribution Licensee (TNB/SESB), and through this sale, those who own solar panels receive a discount on their TNB bills.

The purpose of this scheme is to motivate every individual in Malaysia to play their part in the RE generation that potentially solves the national energy security and climate agenda. Apart from decreasing greenhouse gasses emission, the NEM also safeguards from any electricity tariff rise in the future.

The following are before and after bills of a few of SOLS Energy’s customers. They showcase how much one can truly save after installing a solar energy system to light up their home.

1. Mr. Thomas

Solar Panel System Size: 11.84 kWh
Savings: 66%

Mr Thomas - Before & After TNB Bill.jpg

2. Ms. Siew

Solar Energy System Size:  6.08 kWh
Savings: 79%

Ms. Siew - Before & After TNB Bill.jpg

3. Mr. Eddy

Solar Panel System Size:  5.32 kWh
Savings: 98%

Mr Eddy - Before & After TNB Bill.jpg

4. Mr. Ahmad

Solar Panel System Size:  4.18 kWh
Savings: 87%

Mr Ahmad - Before & After TNB Bill.jpg

As seen above, our customers are enjoying endless savings and clean energy, and you can too!

Contact us now to:

  1. Save up to 90% on your TNB Bills every month 
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint 
  3. Support the Orang Asli youth in getting high-paying jobs

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