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Save on Petronas Fuel: Go Solar and Earn 20,000 Mesra Reward points!

3 July 2024
2 min read
Save on Petronas Fuel: Go Solar and Earn 20,000 Mesra Reward points!

Are you a regular Petronas visitor? If yes, you may love this hack to get RM200 worth of points on your Setel app through Mesra Rewards. 

Mesra Rewards lets you redeem great deals at great discounted prices. Earn Mesra points when you spend on fuel or in Kedai Mesra and redeem discounts, products, and services as you go along.

If you are interested in switching to Green Energy for your home to protect yourself from inflation and rising tariff hikes, then now is the best time to do so, as not only can you subscribe to solar energy for RM0 upfront, but you can also earn 20,000 Mesra Points on your Setel app when you subscribe! 

Double the Rewards: Save on Electricity and Fuel

This package ensures that you are provided with significant savings on your monthly electricity bills and all services provided through the Setel application. On this mobile application used for Petronas stations, the 20,000 points can be conveniently converted into RM200 cash. 

Here's the Breakdown:

  • Reduced Electricity Bills: SOLS Energy covers the upfront installation cost, and you'll pay a fixed monthly subscription fee guaranteed to be lower than your current electricity tariff. Savings start from the very first month!
  • 20,000 Mesra Points: By subscribing to the Home Solar Subscription program, you'll earn a whopping 20,000 Mesra points. 

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Ready to Make the Switch? Click here to sign up for Home Solar Subscription. 

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