About Us


Who we are

We are a green energy company that customers love. We are a social enterprise which lives responsibility to the core. Responsibility for our customers, employees, communities and planet. We are technology- enthusiasts, sustainability-activists and energy-visionaries who are on the way to provide clean energy to every house. We are leaders in the residential solar market and enable SMEs to operate more efficiently.

Our Mission

To connect people, businesses and humanitarians to real sustainable energy solutions.

What we do

We empower people and lighten up homes and small businesses through sustainable energy solutions, technology and education. We fight for energy-independence and control over electricity usage. As solar energy experts we design, install, provide finance options and help customers track their consumptions via our App.


Why we do it

We want to lead with responsibility. We want to democratise solar and turn every roof into a sustainable asset. We want to support and educate people in making responsible choices. We want to foster independence and give back control over energy necessities. We want to enable self-sufficiency and shift power to consumers.


Where we go

We want to live on a planet where clean and affordable energy is accessible to anyone, anywhere. We pioneer solar education and share our love for responsibility. We want to transform solar from a luxury to a necessity and serve all the present and future sustainable energy needs.

Our Story

More than 6 years ago, we had a vision – to live on a planet where clean & affordable energy is accessible to anyone, anywhere. We knew that unless we free ourselves from a dependence on fossil fuels, we are condemning future generations to a global climate crisis. To achieve this, we had to make people realise the power of sustainable energy and the benefits it brings – good financial returns, job opportunities and protecting Mother Nature.
We harness the power of technology and made sure our business created a real impact for our customers, team members and the planet.
Today, with more than 100 projects, SOLS Energy is the leading solar installer for residential homes and we are rapidly growing in the commercial sector.

Our Promises


To our customers

We will be the green energy company that you love. We will do everything to help you make responsible decisions. We promise transparency in all our processes and help you understand the complexity and benefits of sustainable energy. We will always be there for you and support you in every possible way to make a safe and viable investment in yourself, your company, the future generation and the planet.


To our employees

We will always invest – in your talent, growth, development. We will work hard to provide opportunities to flourish and to combine attractive salary with meaning, purpose and a supportive family culture. We trust you and give you freedom and space to make decisions and build upon your ideas. We will go through dynamic ways with you. We have your back: as a sparring partner, a mentor, a friend.


To our partners

We will stand by your side – no matter what. We won’t say we cannot do it, we find a way to make it possible. We stay fun to work with and support you as an innovative, dynamic and dedicated team. We keep on looking at the broader perspective and promise to stay true to our cause: not only seeing the profit but prioritising the benefits of our communities and mother earth.

Our Values

Customer Love

Customer love is to care for our customers as we do for our family. This means we only provide safe, long-lasting and high-quality products that give comfort and reliability. We are there in good and bad times. We give more than what is expected and are approachable whenever needed. We personally connect to every single one of our customers and know their homes, families and stories. We explain and educate and happily share our knowledge about sustainable energy.


Creating opportunity is providing an environment where people can evolve and grow unfolding their full potential regardless of their background. We value feedback and freedom. We encourage pioneer spirits, space for ideas and prioritise results over hierarchy. We give members of underprivileged communities the option to become a student at our own solar economy and provide education, trainings and job opportunities.


Being responsible means to educate the public about solar and its benefits. To care for our communities, especially those in need. To take action and decrease our planets dependency on fossil fuel. To provide affordable green alternatives to as many residents and businesses as possible. To collaborate only with high-quality suppliers who excel in service and performance. To lead by example and walk our talk.


We believe in combining the best. Our SOLS family has members from all continents who are contributing to an open, creative and supportive team culture. Our suppliers are from Germany, Austria, China and Canada. Our clients are Malaysian as well as Internationals.


Academy of Innovation

We established the first and only Solar Academy in Malaysia in 2014, SOLS Academy of Innovation is an education and boarding programme that provides technical skills in the solar industry and personal development training to young underprivileged Malaysians, The programme is for 18 months, and it offers practical training in solar system installation.

Meet Boy (Baharom)

He is an Orang Asli youth who comes from Kampong Pasar, Pahang. His life has been transformed by the SOLS Academy of Innovation. He joined SOLS as a student in 2012 and after 18 months of training in English, character development, solar energy and environmental science, today, he is working as one of our key technical staff in SOLS Energy as a certified solar lead installer. With his knowledge and practical skills, he now has the opportunity of working in the renewable energy industry, further developing himself, and achieving a better future.