SOLS Energy Proposal

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About us

SOLS Energy is a high powered solar company. We are the leading solar installers for residential market and are rapidly growing in the commercial sector.

We install the world's best solar Inverters from Austria, panels from China and cables from Germany.

We provide the highest quality solar installation that last over 25 years and is best priced in the market. We have also established the first and only solar academy in Malaysia training youth from poor communities thus providing quality and time saving installations.

Why Solar?


Reduce your electricity bill up to 100%


Help reduce CO2 emissions by using solar energy


Build your own energy system to reduce dependence on the grid


The monitoring app allows you to track your behaviour and change habits

Net Energy Metering

  1. Photons from the sun hit the solar panels. This generates direct current (DC).

  2. Combiner Box is a switchboard that controls DC output coming from PV panels into the inverter.

  3. The inverter converts DC to alternating current (AC) which is ready to be used by household appliances.

  4. This current then goes through the distribution box of the building and is used to supply electricity to the building.

  5. Any excess electricity is then exported to the grid.

  6. Conversely, electricity is then imported from the grid whenever there isn’t enough solar-generated electricity for the building’s load.

Previous Policy


New Policy 2019

1-on-1 offset


Process : How it works


Week 3-4

NEM Application

Solar projects have to be approved by Sustainable Energy Development Authority.

The quota allocation are monitored & regulated by SEDA.

SOLS Energy will complete, submit & liaise with SEDA for every application.

Week 5


Multiple variables in the design of Solar systems makes every site require a unique system design.

We will design systems that are best suited for you based on your bill amount, roof space & investment amount.

1-2 Days


Our team of experienced installers take a maximum of 2 days to install the Solar systems of your dreams.

We source from only top brands to ensure long term reliability

Week 6

System Setup & Commisioning

Our team will set up and connect the system to your home WiFi.

We will make arrangements with TNB to ensure seamless commissioning of the system with minimum hassle to you.


Realtime Monitoring

Our systems have the ability to be remotely monitored 24/7.

Our team will ensure that customers systems are always running at optimum condition & will be notified on any issues.