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Solar Sustainability Projects

We work closely with companies to develop projects and experiences that have an incredible impact on local communities such as orphanages, old folks’ homes, NGOs, Orang Asli, and B40 families.

Types of Sustainability Projects

We execute a variety of different sustainability solutions. We choose each project solution based on electricity availability, location, culture, and economic conditions. Each sponsorship represents a customized solution for the specific community. The goal is to maximize solar sustainability and social impact for each beneficiary.

Supporting NGOs

Increase monthly sustainability of community-based centres and B40 homes

Supporting Off Grid Communities

By illuminating individual houses using Pico-Solar or a customizable off-grid micro-grid project, you can increase the productive hours for entire families.

Solar Powered Container Farms

High yield crop generation.

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Interested in getting your company involved?

Here are a handful of ways your brand can partner with SOLS Energy


Contribute to sustainability projects, operations, or the tools that make our work possible.

  • Sponsor a solar sustainability project


Rally your employees and customers to fundraise and help spread the word.

  • Employee Fundraising
  • Customer Fundraising


Help shine a bigger spotlight on the importance of sustainable electricity opportunities and the impact of our work.

  • Media Support & Inventory
  • Gifted Social Media
  • Training for our Solar Academy students & graduates
  • Speaking Engagements

Frequently Asked Questions

I Want to Make Social Impact

What am I paying for when I sponsor a project?

This depends on the type of project you are sponsoring, however, a rough breakdown could be as follows:

  • System Cost: Solar PV panels, wiring, construction supplies
  • Staff Costs: Installers, welders, electricians.
  • Mobilization: Fuel, vehicles, lodging for installation crews in remote areas.
  • Project Support: Drivers, internet.

Will get a report?

Yes, you will! When your project is completed and we receive completion data from our team, we assemble and send you a report with the following information:

  • Photos of the actual project
  • A pin of the location on Google Maps and GPS coordinates
  • Type of project technology used
  • Population served
  • Impact analysis

What can go wrong?

SOLS Energy has experience working in some of the most remote locations in Malaysia, where the need is greatest. Naturally, despite our best efforts to meet your and our expectations, forces beyond our control occasionally require a change of plans.

The uncertainties we’ve encountered include: virus outbreaks, policy changes, flooding, landslides, roads getting washed out, and community needs change.

We promise that your sponsorship will fund a sustainability project no matter what happens. In addition to updating you about our progress, we’ll inform you if the location of your sponsored project has to change.

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